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Well Jasin and I are off for 2 weeks on the vacation of our dreams. About 2 years ago we started talking of going to Italy for our anniversary since we never truly had a honeymoon. Well along came our last son Jaxon and 5 years of marriage and 4 children later and we finally have the chance to go. When we started talking of our dreams to go to Italy part of that dream was to be taken in by a family so we could live like they really live in Italy and Sicily. A year passes after that conversation and we began a year long relationship, geneology research and family history and to our surprise we will be taken in by a family Jasins very distant relatives. They live in Sicily and we will be staying with Francesco and his wife, Adriana. Their whole family anxiously awaits our arrival. I love how close the family ties are there. We are both excited to be able to visit Sicily and meet family. We have been hearing for the last 6 months of what we will do and see. I am so amazed and I am not there yet. So keep us in yours prayers for a safe trip and I will post many pictures when I return. Love to all.


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Well Every time I turn around someone else is pickin’ up a camera to be a photographer. It is a cool hobby.

 Lucky, I know one of the best around. You know who you are.

So I love the cool shot you get with a fish eye and I found out all I have to do is buy this little attachement lens to get a fish eye shot.

Yeah… it came in before we go on our trip.

We took Jaxon downtown to Parc Sans Souci tonight and we took some fun shots. What do you think.

P.S. These are fun shots I do not have any desire to add photographer to my resume.

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Guitar Cake!!!!

Here is another cake I made this weekend. Our friend Andre had his golden birthday…. 25 on the 25th.

Hope you like it.

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Well as you can see by the pics I am not scrappin’ I am makin’ cakes. It is all for a good cause. Well if you go to Treasured Memories you probably know Emily. Well last Thursday was her birthday and I made her a cake and brought it Friday. I love to make cakes with fresh flowers. Friday night I made a wedding cake pictures soon to come. I forgot my camera as usual. Today I made a first birthday cake. Chooo Chooo. Tonight I am making a life size guitar cake. Shhh it is a surprise can’t tell you who it is for. Post a pic tomorrow.

Have a good night.

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Cake time again.

Well, It is graduation time and I made a grad cake for 2 senior girls. Sisters of a friend of mine. It came out ok. The wire I used was not strong enough so the stars did not stand how they were supposed to. But I think the photos on the cake are cool. We had a girls scrap night at Matt and Stacys last night, Matt was at work. 

I baked the cakes while we scrapped. I owe you guys a cake. Sorry I left the cake aroma in your house. Major temptation. Had fun. We are scrappin pages for the new website so stay tuned for the launch date. Yeah!

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Well it is a funny thing. Jasin, My husband has become the outdoors type and got the family a canoe. The last 3 weekends we have been at Lake Martin Playin around. He says all the years he lived here he never went to the Lake. It was a gorgeous day cool and breezy. Yes, we were there early and it got hot around 12 when we were heading home. Matt and Stacy took some pictures of Alex so check out Stacys blog It’s in my blog roll. Leave comments. Bye for now.

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Happy Mothers Day!!!

Well how sweet it is to reflect on being a mother.

I have 4 wonderful children that keep me very busy all day and all night.

They are so much fun. What would life be without them? VERY BORING. 

So to all the moms and moms to be who read my blog…  


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